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The eye massager adopts intelligent air pressure, regularly massaged and compresssed on the important points of eyes to clear the nervous system and relieve fatigue. It has great effect on reducing fine lines, fading dark circle and repair skin elasticity. With music guide, it can help you restore energy in about 15 minutes of music.

Perfect for reducing fine lines, anti-wrinkles, fading dark circle, fading eye bags and other eye problems. Suitable for school students, computer operators, people who use their eyes for a long time.

Comfortable Temperature
The massager can easily maintain constant temperature and heat funtion 104 ℉-107℉(40℃-42℃ to promote eye circulation.

Vibration Massage
The vibration is very comfortable feeling like gentlest tapping on your eyes. Vibrating with rhythm works to the eye ball area for deep refreshing.

Air Pressure Massage
Massage the muscles around the eyes area by proper matching between air inflating and air releasing.

Soothing Music
The peaceful music is designed to simulate a natural surrounding and to better induce sleep. Or connect it with smartphone via Bluetooth to play your favorite music.

Superior Soft PU Material
The lining PU material is super comfortable and healthcare. It's easy to clean with soft cloth or medical alcohol.

Adjustable Elastic Band
The elastic adjustable band can be adjusted to fit most people's head and face. It is very convenient to use and wear.

USB Rechargeable
The built-in rechargeable battery and USB charge cable provide maximum portability. The charging time is about 3 hours.

180° Foldable & Portable
The 180° foldable design makes the eye massager easy to store and carry. It can be put in your handbag or backpack. A must have for travel and office.


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